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In picture from left to right:

Br. Bob Brady, OFM, Julianne Hartzell, OFS, Carmen Duron, OFS, Tom McNamara, OFS, Steve Roszhart, OFS, Cathy Roszhart, OFS, Amy Sperry, OFS and Benjamin Saenz, OFS.

On the floor: Our National Councilor Joshua Molidor, OFS

Regional Executive Council



Minister:                  Julianne Hartzell, OFS

Vice-Minister:          Cathy Roszhart, OFS

Secretary:                 Amy Sperry, OFS

Treasurer:                 Steve Roszhart, OFS

Formation Director: Tom McNamara, OFS

Councilor-at-Large:  Benjamin Saenz, OFS

Councilor-at-Large:  Carmen Dúron, OFS 

Co-Spiritual Assistants: Bill Neu, OFS and                                      Susan Simeone, OFS


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