In picture from left to right:

Br. Bob Brady, OFM, Julianne Hartzell, OFS, Carmen Duron, OFS, Tom McNamara, OFS, Steve Roszhart, OFS,    Cathy Roszhart, OFS, Amy Sperry, OFS and Benjamin Saenz, OFS.

Sitting on the floor is our National Councilor Joshua Molidor, OFS

Regional Executive Council



Minister:                   Julianne Hartzell, OFS

Vice-Minister:           Cathy Roszhart,OFS

Secretary:                  Amy Sperry, OFS

Treasurer:                  Steve E. Roszhart, OFS

Formation Director:  Tom McNamara, OFS

Councilor-at-Large:  Benjamen Saenz, OFS

Councilor-at-Large:  Carmen Duron, OFS 

Spiritual Assistant:   Br. Bob Brady, OFM